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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Island visits

Always a treat to go visit other islands.  There are reported to be 300 Islands in Fiji and 150 inhabited Islands so lots of places to visit and see where the needs are. 
This is a hard place to sit for 4 hours so we sat inside.  Actually it was nice to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful water and see Islands off in every direction.  Not quite the same as the ferry from Sydney to Tsawwassen but it was still beautiful
We recently took a ferry to a larger island to the north of the main Island of Fiji and looked at various projects and an emergency container we have on the Island.  
We have about 5 sea containers on the Island that are for emergency when there is some sort of disaster like a Cyclone.  Each container has tents, tools (axe, shovels, hammers, rakes etc),water, emergency kits, generators, chain saws, tarps - and many more important things for safety and survival.  Wendy and I are in charge of these and we do an inventory every April and October to make sure everything is ok.  We replenish things in the emergency kits like toothpaste and other personal items every 18 months or so.  October thru April is Cyclone months so we always want to be prepared IN CASE

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